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Two station wax injection hydraulic ( New generation)
Xuất xứ : China

Mô tả :


1. Clamp force: 8T

2. Minimum distance: 20mm

3. Deep of pressure plate: 360mm

4.Adujstment left/right head puller: 900mm

5. The fist quantity of blasting: 1.8L

6. diameter hole of head puller: 6mm

7. Capacity of two oil tanks: 100L

8. Weight of machine: 2800 Kg

9. Oil pump: 20x140 kg/cm2

10. Pressure blasting 10-100 kg/cm2

11. Overall dimension : 2200x1800x2000mm

12. Height of working tower: 970mm

13. Adujstment in/out head puller: 100mm

14. Wax blasting time: 99.9s

15. Power: 220/380x 3P/50Hz

16. Max distance: 400mm

17. Wide of pressure plate: 260mm

18. Adujstment hight/low: 150 mm

19. Capacity of wax tank: 80L

20. Dimension of inside: 400mm

21. Clamp fore stocke: 380mm

22. Power increasing temperature: 5Kw

23. The complete set of equipment is controlled by PLC